Tweet Fast moving video where I cover a few sectors that stood out when I went through all of my charts tonight in hopes of shedding some light on what’s really going on in the markets after a bullish run on the indexes off an oversold condition.

Tweet By Poly It now looks as if the expected Dollar DCL has played out with the recent (Monday) Day 27 Low.  There was some positive (in relative term) news out of Europe with the announcement of yet another Greek bailout adjustment that the market was expecting to be bullish for the Euro. Instead it […]

Tweet By All About Trends Folks, recently we talked about Washington bickering amongst themselves and how it would NOT be tolerated by the market. Yesterday Harry Reid had this to say: HARRY REID SAYS `LITTLE PROGRESS’ MADE RECENTLY IN FISCAL CLIFF TALKS. DISAPPOINTED WITH LITTLE PROGRESS IN DEBT TALKS And away we went to the […]

Tweet By Karen Starich On Wednesday we will have a lunar eclipse at 9:45 am EST.  The eclipse will peak at 6-7 degrees Gemini.  This will be the same degree Jupiter will move stationary direct from on January 30, 2013.  There may be plans in the works to arrange meetings with Russia that could change […]