Tweet A few weeks ago when volatility was really picking up and the markets were falling it seemed like many people were calling for a short term bounce in which they wanted to establish short positions. Well now that we’ve bounced over the holidays it doesn’t seem that traders have held onto that bearish bias. […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert/Fun Money A case of too far too fast here overbought at 50% fib level resistance in tandem with the indexes being at resistance. In fact, AAPL is simply propping up the market today . One more push up the red line has us b uying puts with either of the following […]

Tweet As a way to bring all those who write articles on Zentrader together I’m introducing a new trading indicator that measure sentiment from those contributors. Consider this an experiment of sorts as we won’t know how valuable this information is until we have collected 3-4 months so we can look back and see how we can use this […]