Tweet Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. Happy New Year and here’s to a prosperous 2013! All About Trends – No resolution to Fiscal Cliff could cause a dive and that can be used to buy a few things for quick trades in the face of fear. If […]

Tweet By Liz DeMera The NYSE Summation (raw data) requires +2000 advancers to halt its downward direction. The down direction is not a positive sign for the market. When the market rallies this is something we want to watch carefully as a failure to get through +2500 area (see chart below) could be a possible failure. […]

Tweet By Karen Starich The red metal may get a little boost with a rare aspect from transiting Mars (copper) in Aquarius sextile Uranus (electricity) in Aries.  The two planets are transiting each other sign which is called mutual reception.  The influence could cause a sudden shift that is bullish.  January 2nd could be very […]

Tweet Below is a chart of the VIX with the actual VIX removed. What is left is the 10 day moving average and you can see that is’s showing “normal volatility” at this point and there is a lot more room to run to the upside. The reason I like this chart is it smooths […]