Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary In the most recent Option Index Update the following conclusion was made: From an option trading perspective, a big change in the market seems very probable now. It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next week. But the options are indicating 2013 will quickly reveal itself […]

Tweet By Karen Starich In 1993 when President Clinton was struggling with his budget deal it was the invisible bond vigilantes that almost wrecked his presidency.  James Carville came out in the media with a spiritual epiphany declaring his desire to reincarnate as the bond market so he could intimidate everyone.  It looks like the […]


Tweet By All About Trends IF some sort of deal is “Magically” reached Sunday night odds favor market is going to get gapped up and it could do so quite hard. That would mean come Monday at the open if you are going to take a trade on the long side two things will occur. […]