Tweet By Jeff Pierce So I noticed something today in regards to the vehicle I use to trade my Canadian timing signal, EWC. It’s a horrible ETF that doesn’t really do it’s job of tracking The TSX at all. Notice how it seriously under performed in the first chart below.  Here is a video I sent to […]

Tweet By Poly The Italian election results were very big in my opinion.  It again underscored the people’s impatience and unwillingness to embrace growth-crushing austerity.  The problem is that Italy is going to need help restructuring their debt at some point in the very near future, for this I am very confident.  At 130% of […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I believe Silver will hold up much better than Gold and until it makes a new multi-year low I have to believe those will hold. I will do some further analysis if that scenario plays out. Copper is in a multi yr range and is near the apex of a giant […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce After last weeks plunge in gold prices I expect a little more upside near the $1639 level before this starts it’s final leg down to the $1400 level. And when you check out the monthly chart below a drop of $200 is nothing.. (nooothing) when you compare the move it has […]