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Tweet Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. This is the most bullish I’ve seen the contributors since we started keeping track of this in November. One side note is this article was composed late last night/early morning and just by rotation wasn’t posted until late Monday […]

Tweet By Poly From a Cycles standpoint, all is progressing to expectations.  The 30 point drop over two sessions was to be expected after a 34 day rally that hardly came up for air.  A Daily Cycle of that strength and length was well due a couple of sessions of profit taking.  The question now […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce On the daily chart there seems to be strong support for the CRX (Commodity Related Equity Index) near $860. The rise of the RSI could have been stronger during the February rise, which would give me more confidence that this is going to bounce, but I do like the look of […]