Tweet By Poly     The Dollar continues to find a solid bid simply because it’s just far more attractive than all the others.  The move has been relentless and we know that currencies are known for these long and pronounced rallies (or declines).  This one is obviously no exception, so it really is difficult […]


Tweet By Mike Ber The following is brought to you by who publish a premium daily newsletter outlining key support/resistance levels, and trading bias for 5 major currency pairs. Currently they are in pre-launch and are offering a 50% discount for those who subscribe now. Is it a Country or a Template? The recent developments in Cyprus […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The TSX has been very neutral since the end of January, perhaps signaling consolidation for a breakout or the eerie calm could turn into a sudden storm that no one was expecting or prepared for.  While everyone is distracted with Cyprus and Europe, Canada could have it’s own mysterious banking scandal.  […]

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