Tweet By Jeff Pierce CRX is at support and Gold looks like it’s at resistance nearing the 20 ema. If this is a major long term bottom I think we need a retest to make it complete. Look for a pullback to the $1375 and if that holds then it may be safe to buy […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Here are the unlikely sectors to lead this market higher that are showing extreme strength. Video from last night. Unofficially a Part 1 of 2 from my sector analysis last night. Sector Analysis Supports A Pause In Markets

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I just finished a really Power vs Force by David Hawkins and below is a quote that I wanted to share. For no specific reason other than I found it to be very important. Everything you do, every seemingly simple act, creates a butterfly effect that influences events that you’ll most […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The following is from various excerpts from past updates by Astrology Traders which uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Jeff Pierce adds in the technical picture for the stocks and sectors in focus. The moon rules the night side of life and is the lesser light, the reflective […]