Tweet By Chris Ebert Stocks and Options at a Glance A week ago, we entered Bull Market Stage 2 – the “digesting gains” stage after having endured several months at Stage 1 – the “lottery fever” stage. That was an important change because it marked the end of an era, at least temporarily, in which […]

Tweet By Brien Satzinger I don’t know an entrepreneur who has branched out to do their own thing who has not taken their lumps.  I know quite a few personally and I have read a handful of biographies and all of them at one point or another had to experience pain.  They had to make […]

Tweet By Poly I’m still very comfortable with where the equity Cycle is headed.  Nothing about this action has me thinking any different; this 40 point rally off the bottom tips has been expected.   As I outlined over the weekend, this should be nothing more than an oversold “snap-back”.  Even so, I believe we should […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The following is from Sunday premium report published on June 23rd by Astrology Traders.  Last week we started keeping a model portfolio for our astrology picks so you can clearly see how they are performing. Our goal is to bring more transparency to what we do. After all, performance is all that […]