Tweet By Astrology Traders The following is from Sunday July 21st premium report from Astrology Traders, who provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars. Sample a free 2 week trial and rest assured there are no charges until after the 2 weeks are […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Stocks and Options at a Glance This past week’s stock market rally was not surprising. That’s because a specific type of option trade known as a “Straddle” is currently profitable. When Long Straddle* trading is profitable in a Bull market, the market tends to rally; and such rallies tend to take […]

Tweet By Mobile Guru In the investing community, few things can get an investor’s attention faster than hearing the word “Reverse Split”. This is typically because reverse splits are more often than not associated with small penny stocks that typically lack a profitable business plan. They are usually the result of a failure to create […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce No seriously. Watch this audition by Christine Ha on MasterChef season 3 and you will be amazed. I won’t give anything away as it’s best to just trust me and watch it because it’s one of the most inspiring stories that you’re going to fine on any reality cooking show out […]