Tweet By Chris Ebert Stocks and Options at a Glance It looked as though Bull Market Stage 3 was about to begin during this past week, but the S&P 500 showed just enough strength to keep that from happening. For now, Bull Market Stage 2 continues, which is a stage in which the market can […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Jeff Pierce is a momentum trader who runs the twitter suggestion service tradewithZEN. You can view all of his real time trades since June here.  His trades are now available on Ditto Trade for those with busy lifestyles or who are finding the volatility too much to trade. Nov 14th Trade Recap Update […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce While the weekly below still has the look of a chart that has a little life left in it, I have a suspicion that the bull market in bonds in over. All of the time frames I follow are sporting bearish chart patterns and while it wouldn’t be out of the […]

Tweet By All About Trends The following is an excerpt from today’s premium report by All About Trends. Enjoy a free 15 day trial to their service and receive daily stock picks, market analysis, and a complete trading plan. Promo code: zen Friday and over the weekend we said: “Really all they show since the gap down […]