Tweet By Jeff Pierce  Dec 14th Update  Oct 30th Update CAG is a chart that looks tired on many timeframes. I’ve watched this stock for over a year as it was on my buy list on tradewithZEN for most of 2013 until it topped out over the summer. Now the chart is completely wrecked and […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce After a stock releases earnings and it’s received favorably by investors, generally 2 things happen after the initial pop higher. 1. It just keeps going higher as in the example of FB below. 2. It pulls back briefly and then continues higher (GPN).     In both cases you need to […]

Tweet By Harlan Pyan The following is an excerpt from October 27th’s premium update at All About Trends. Enjoy a free 15 day trial to receive daily stock picks, market analysis, & complete trading plan. Promo code: zen. In many U.S. cities it’s Halloween trick or treat time and yes Halloween parties which means? Bobbing for AAPLs.  So […]


Tweet By Mobile Guru What is Arianne Resources worth after completion of its Bank Feasibility Study? Back in March I wrote an article Arianne: A Review Of Company Resources that outlined where Arianne Resources (DAN.v) was at based on the completion of their prefeasibility bank study and that they were planning to complete the final Bank Feasibility […]