Tweet The important thing to remember when choosing a personal loan is that there are significant differences between loans that are offered. Some of the options will be more suited to your individual circumstances than others. These differences include flexibility, repayment terms, and how established the lender is. What You Should Do Remaining objective when […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce I’ve been noticing this disconnect between oil & gas refining and marketing stocks over the past few weeks but in didn’t seem so “in my face” until tonight. I think it had to do with so few results on my screeners tonight due to my volume requirement that they stood out, […]

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Tweet By Chris Haley A couple of weeks ago I said that I expected a down move in stocks prior to a Xmas, Jan earnings rally. At the time US financials were being hit daily by fresh litigation. That stopped a couple of weeks ago and then the Volker Rule prohibiting internal trading was suspended […]