Tweet By Jeff Pierce I continue to believe the bull market in bonds is over and these will trade lover over the coming years, however small rallies within that downtrend will appear from time to time. Should this continue to bounce off the 2009 highs, which has now become resistance, this could bounce into the […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Is this the Netflix of China? From Yahoo Finance: YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides integrated value-added service solution and platform for the delivery of pay-per-view, video on demand, and enhanced premium content for cable providers in the People’s Republic of China. Small float (11million) and on the […]

Tweet For businesses large, medium or small, payroll is a major and frequently complex aspect of their operations, especially as there are constant changes every year made by the government. There are a number of upcoming issues that employers should be aware of, some of which are outlined here. Increase in National Minimum Wage penalties […]

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