Tweet By Jeff Pierce In a week where my own personal portfolio experienced more volatility than it has in recent months we look toward a week where I expect some resolution. The Dow appears to be in a large wedge pattern where it should break one way or the other. My timing signal for the […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders China China has a very afflicted natal chart that with Pluto conjoin Mars in Leo (art of war, drive for opulence) in the 2nd house of banking, bonds, and paper money.  The conjunction is square Venus in Scorpio (arrogant display of wealth, cruelty used to achieve wealth) in the 5th house […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Here is a way to analyze the current stock market environment in about 10 minutes or less using just a few simple steps. The following analysis, now in its third year, is presented each weekend in order to give traders an edge in their trading by improving the ability to recognize […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce This low volume stock could be one to watch as it ran up before earnings and after releasing them today it’s held it’s ground. I like this breakout with the strong move and if you are one to trade lower volume equities then this could be for you. I’m using an […]