Tweet By Chris Ebert Very few things can be known for sure about the future; and even when something is known for sure, the word sure is open to interpretation. Certainly, one can be reasonably sure that the sun will rise tomorrow, though technically even that it is not 100% certain. It is possible to […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The Markets The bullish trend we were expecting in the middle of August gained additional strength in last weeks trading session. The technical long term trend is for the Nasdaq has realigned to the upside and joins the DJIA. The Nasdaq has done a ‘whipsaw’, as Jeff likes to call it, giving […]

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Tweet By Jeff Pierce Below is one of the most bullish charts I’ve seen in awhile. Let’s start with the weekly and note the massively overbought RSI condition in June/July. This is often a warm up to what’s to come. Yes it’s a penny stock and that’s why it doesn’t make my tradewithZEN watchlist, but these are […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Last week’s market analysis concluded with a simple observation “… a move to 1988 or 1935, at any time in the next week or so, would be quite natural.” Well, it’s now evident that the market chose 1988, not because that level is somehow magical, but because it represents a boundary […]