Tweet The Markets The volatility has picked up in the markets.  Last week the Nasdaq timing signal turned bearish for the long term.  The Dow however remains bullish for the long term.  We would need to see 2-3 weeks of continued selling pressure for the Dow to also signal a bearish trend.  In light of […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert A recurring theme has been presented here over the past several years: the performance of certain simple option strategies quite often gives an accurate picture of the mood of the stock market. The mood of traders – the emotion – does not determine the future of stock prices, but it surely […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Both the daily and weekly chart of the VIX are are levels which in the past have been buying opportunities. While there are some bearish divergences setting up on the indexes it’s too early to tell if this is the end of the bull and for now the best the trend […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert The best time to prepare for a Bear market, as with any foreseeable disaster, is long before it strikes. If one waits for word of a Bear market to be broadcast on the evening news, chances are good that it is already too late to prepare. It’s too late to build […]