Without a Bear market to release spring tension, each of those levels would be difficult to surpass, based on historical performance of the S&P 500 following minor pullbacks, such as the one that occurred this past October, when such a pullback did not materialize into a significant Bear market environment.

Tweet By Chris Ebert The stock market is hot. There’s no denying it. Yet, it just doesn’t feel the same as it did a few months ago, or for most of the past several years for that matter. It’s like there is something missing. Perhaps there truly is something missing – something big. It’s almost […]

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Tweet By Chris Ebert It can be fascinating, yet horribly frustrating, to realize that stock prices are not a mathematical function. If stock prices behaved as a mathematical function, there would be only one outcome for a given set of conditions. For example, if a stock price fell to the 200-day simple moving average, and […]