Tweet An Early Look At The Best Currency Trade For 2015 The currency markets have seen some big moves in 2014 and in many ways they have provided better opportunities for forex traders than stock markets have. While the S&P 500 is currently up around 13% year-to-date, volatility has been low for most of that […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Nobody, not even the most seasoned expert with the most extensive analysis, knows for sure who will win next week’s Super Bowl football championship. And not even the best trader in the world can say for sure where the stock market is going next week. What is known is how the […]

Ever wonder why stock prices sometimes bounce higher after a decline, and other times do not bounce at all, but continue to fall?

Tweet By Jeff PIerce When the XLF:XLP is under the 50 week ema the market is bearish and vice versa when it’s above the 50 week ema. This is simply a case of risk on vs risk off and it appears that risk off is starting to win with new multi month lows on this […]