Tweet By Poly This is an excerpt from this week’s premium update from the The Financial Tap, which is dedicated to helping people learn to grow into successful investors by providing cycle research on multiple markets delivered twice weekly. Now offering monthly & quarterly subscriptions with 30 day refund. Promo code ZEN saves 10%.   There is not […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert In this week’s Thursday Evening Options Brief it is clear the S&P 500 has not yet achieved the exuberant Lottery Fever status, despite the most recent rally to new highs. Thus, absent the euphoria of a Lottery Fever environment, a pullback from the current high, or a pullback off any subsequent […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Note to readers: The weekly updates of the S&P 500 options market are now presented here each Thursday evening. In-depth analysis of the options presented here will continue to be published each Sunday morning. The S&P 500 has rallied to near all-time highs once again. Yet, from an option trader’s perspective […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Did you ever experience the strange effect that may have occurred when you placed a magnet near a compass needle? Not only does the presence a strong magnetic field cause the compass to stop pointing north, it may make the needle appear to move haphazardly, perhaps swirling in an unpredictable circular […]