Tweet Karen sent me this interesting image today I thought I’d share.

Tweet By Charlie Brown If you want to join the trading world, then you need a significant amount of capital, which is often difficult to get if you have bad credit. Trading is a great way to make money and expand your financial portfolio. You can trade in stocks and commodities to make more money. Bad credit is […]

Tweet By Yvan Byeajee While a proven edge and a sound risk and money management technique are important, psychology is what glues everything together. The reason for that is rather simple: Trading is a very tough profession as it requires us to take quick and often counter-intuitive decisions. And most of the time the quality of these decisions is […]

Tweet By Nikolai Kuznetsov The financial markets are now in sync across the globe to the extent that there is little that separates the level of services offers by various market participants. Regardless of this, service providers in the form of brokers, research, trading tools and platforms still continue to stream in a bid to getting a […]