Tweet By Oliver Faulkner With the constant unstable changes being made by Google, more websites are seeing varyingresults in their page search engine rankings. Most website owners, who are still stuck in the ways of the past, without embracing the new wave, find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s important to note that […]

Tweet By James Andrew There will always be a need for the exchange of currencies, as long as people across the globe need to trade goods. This is why the Forex or foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid of all global financial markets. Another aspect which makes the Forex different to other financial markets is […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert It quickly becomes the goal of most every new trader to identify recurring patterns in the stock market. So long as the pattern truly repeats, the trader can learn to use the repeatability to his advantage. By adjusting one’s trades to match a repeating pattern it is often possible to tip […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Note to readers: Only the charts and the Market Summary change from week to week. All other text remains the same, in order to allow regular readers to quickly absorb the entire Brief. Each Thursday evening, we take some time to reconcile some of the varied options indicators available for the […]