Tweet By Chris Ebert There are times when the stock market seems rather quiet, and other times when it just gets downright violent. While quiet conditions come when traders are in a relative state of consensus, violent times come from just the opposite – traders who are undecided and thus not in consensus. One way […]

Tweet By Kerd Viyu There are many reasons you may want the services of an electrician for your house. It may be that you want to create a new room and you want the wiring of that room to be prepared as one of the first activities you want to undertake. Another reason you may want the help […]

Tweet By David Howtzer Life always seems to be getting busier, and as a result many people feel they simply don’t have time to mess with market investments. Particularly among young people, this is commonly cited as one reason to avoid investments. An analysis by LinkedIn of some of the reasons young people don’t invest […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert The S&P 500 Temperature is a measure of the point level of the S&P 500 with regard to the level at which Covered Calls opened at-the-money 4-months earlier on $SPX (or $SPY) would break even. For example, if one opened a Covered Call using an at-the-money strike price back in February […]