Tweet By Charlie Brown If you are considering consolidating your students, there are some details that you need to keep in mind. Individuals usually qualify for consolidation after they graduate, leave school or have been enrolled for less than half or part-time. Many private lenders allow borrowers to consolidate private and federal loans. Private consolidation can help you […]

Tweet By Liam Smith Debt relief is a top concern for many businesses as debt continues to reach uncontrollable levels. Getting into debt can be easy but getting out of the situation is often a long and challenging process. The tough economic conditions make it necessary for many businesses to rely on credit to survive. Business owners have […]

Tweet By Luis Aureliano Succeeding as a trader is an uphill task on its own because you have to contend with a number of factors beyond your control. However, it can become excruciatingly harder to succeed as a trader if you don’t have the support of your family, spouse, or significant other. Interestingly, your family […]

Tweet By Luis Aureliano. According to NerdWallet analysis, the total international money transfers from immigrants in the US to foreign countries amounted to $135 billion in 2015. That figure includes substantial fees and commissions paid to banks and other companies processing these foreign exchange transactions. However, senders have quickly cottoned on to the extortionary fees […]