Tweet By Chris Ebert It does not usually take a trader very long to hear sayings about the stock market. Some even seem plausible. Perhaps one of the best known phrases is sell in May and go away. It’s a nice catchy rhyme, and it does have its merits, since summertime often brings on doldrums […]

Tweet By Luis Aureliano Businesses are evolving in ways we never anticipated. The conventional small businesses at the turn-of-the-century have given way to multinational conglomerates – juggernauts of the modern era. Likewise, traditional sole proprietors have started to seriously consider other options to save on their tax payments with things like S-Corporations, and the like. All […]

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Tweet At first glance, the aggressive investor and the freewheeling traveler may seem like polar opposites. To many people, the former represents convention and tradition, while the latter is more about a laid-back lifestyle with nothing to tie you down. But the reality is, there is a little of each personality in the other. Yes, […]

Tweet The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been on a downward trajectory since March. When Donald Trump took office, markets rallied across the board. The Dow Jones quickly hit stratospheric levels, breaking the critical 21,000 level before retreating sharply. From the above graphic, we can see that the bullish sentiment that characterized the premier US […]