Tweet By Charlie Brown Owning shares or stock refers to having partial ownership of companies. Several people continue to invest and become shareholders. While shareholders do not personally own physical assets, they can invest in running the company. Shareholdings indicate the percentage of ownership in a company according to the amount a person has. Annual […]

Tweet Everybody wants to make a buck on the markets. The problem for so many of us is that the financial markets can be confusing and intimidating at times. The S&P/TSX is the premier stock exchange for Canadians. It lists a large selection public companies and the market capitalization was reported at $2.2841 trillion as […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Are you buying or selling your home in Vancouver? Maybe you want to be part of one of the most vibrant property markets in the world today? If you are interested in the city’s real estate, it is advisable to work with an established realtor to get the best returns. While there is […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Every child needs a juvenile lawyer during their hour of need. They are aware of the needs of a juvenile, and they know their way around the court systems. The job of a juvenile lawyer is to make sure that the child does not face unwarranted charges. He will always ensure that the child […]