Tweet By Charlie Brown Are you struggling to sell your house without much success? You are not alone. Many homeowners who are in the market trying to offload their properties have not had much success either. The property market in most cities is not very active and you might be stuck with your house for months. If […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown A home is a major investment for many of us. We work and save for many years before we can afford one. It provides us with a place to keep our property and also raise a family. After getting a house, we have to take good care of it. This means doing repairs […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown If you’re planning to travel to Canada, it is important that you understand what an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is, who needs it, and when it is required. An ETA is required by foreigners from visa-exempt countries who wish to travel to or through Canada by air. The purpose of an ETA is to […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown First things first, what is a PABX? It is basically an acronym that stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. In layman’s language, a PABX is just a telephone system or a switchboard whose units are used as internal telephone systems in different organizations. Unlike the older systems that were made up of fixed […]