Tweet By Charlie Brown We live in a world that is overrun by technology. With this being so, you can be sure that there is no shortage of software and hardware that can be used to record or to transcribe a court case. This begs the questions, is a court reporter really necessary? The short and long […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Assets and its proper division can become contentious issues during divorce proceedings, and it requires the insight and experience of the best family law attorney in Houston to work out a favorable outcome. The professional attorney you hire not only has profound legal knowledge but is also aware of the human psychology and emotions […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown There are attorneys as well as accountants who help you in the hour of need. The term attorney is gloomier as it implies not just fighting numbers but it is fighting the law. It is accurate up to some extent. A tax attorney is capable of handling certain things that accountants are not able […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Inheritance tax refers to the taxes that people are required to pay on property or money that they inherited after a loved one’s death. This form of state tax is paid upon receipt of property or money from a deceased person’s estate. The beneficiary is financially responsible for the tax rather than the estate. […]