Tweet By Lama Kanj Forex trading and cryptocurrency trading are seen as very different disciplines. And for good reason– each market has its unique constraints and behaviors. That being said, there are some principles that are universal – they cut across markets and help people make wise decisions no matter what kind of trading they’re doing. Here’s a […]

Tweet By Stacey Richards XX male syndrome, also known as XX testicular disorder, is a rare disease where affected individuals with two X chromosomes in each cellhave a male appearance. XX male syndrome is a condition in which the sex chromosomes of an individual do not agree with the physical sex of the affected person. Normally there […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Did you just get pulled over for speeding and now you are afraid that your one for the road might have put you on the wrong side of the law? Truth is, there are so many drivers that get pulled over and end up with a DUI (driving under the influence) or a […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Horse-racing is an ancient sport and packed with excitement and exhilaration; they can be traced back to classical Greek and Roman times. These events are the epitome of sophistication, pride, traditional conventions and embody a party atmosphere. The audience cheers both the horses and the jockeys as they strive to reach the finish line […]