By Charlie Brown

When you get involved in an accident, there are many things that run through your mind immediately after. Among them are the worries of who was in the wrong and how this accident will impact your life in the near future and especially your car insurance rates.

Did you know that insurance premiums go up when you are found at fault in an accident scene? Did you also know that it is the work of the insurance adjusters to investigate the accident? The accident calls for everyone involved to remain calm until the maze of what happened is slowly unraveled. Do not be quick to throw words around because the same words can be used against you.

Here are a few important points to consider at the accident scene

1. At the scene of the accident – Immediately you get involved in an auto accident, there is confusion and even more as people quickly place blame on one of the drivers. It is important to not admit or discuss the fault of the accident at the scene, especially with the crowd of people gathering. Simply record the facts you can remember before the accident for the right person to investigate. Take photos immediately and obtain the contact information of the driver you are involved in the accident with plus any witness who may be there. If the other driver is accusing you, do not engage with them in any way but simply exchange information and ask them to allow the insurance company to handle the situation. Remember to call the police if there are any injuries or much damage has been done at the scene. The police will come to make a report and issue traffic violations but will not determine who is at fault. The police report will help you get more evidence during the investigation of the accident.

2. How does the insurance company determine fault? After the accident has happened, call your insurance company immediately. They will send their agent who will begin the investigation by coming to the accident scene and writing down the details they see and hear. They will take statements from drivers, passengers, and witnesses as well as take photos of the scene and any other damage. They will also consider all the road signs and consider the rules that govern intersections or any other areas where an accident might take place. Once this information is all recorded, the insurance company is able to determine how the accident happened and what the cause appears to be. They will also determine who is at fault based on the information gathered as well as the rules. Call your lawyer as well to come or send someone to the accident scene.

3. Fault percentages and shared fault – In some cases, an accident may be caused by both drivers. In this case, the insurance company may agree to a shared fault determination. In this case of a shared fault, both insurance companies will charge their respective drivers an increase in their insurance fees as a result of the accident. The fault may also be determined as 100% for one part that is expected to pay for the damages. When you are at no fault, remember that your insurance company will still pay your claim no matter who is found to be at fault. This right here is a common misunderstanding and always leads to confusion when an accident occurs.

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