In my opinion days like today serve only one purpose in the big scheme of things – to frustrate, annoy, confuse, shake you out of your position, cause you to second guess your analysis or timing system, over-trade, and lose focus. Two days ago the sky was falling and now everything is better? Time to get long? Or is today a smoke screen?

Today felt more like a day when we are just working off some of the oversold position from Wednesday. No new stocks are showing up on my momentum scan or are breaking out to new highs.

Anyhow, enjoy the weekend and here are the three ways I know to make money if this market is frustrating you. Feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments section. Bullish..bearish…how are you dealing with the chop.

1.  Shorten your time-frame to an intraday basis – take profits quickly.

2. Use creative options strategies such as selling calls/puts.

3. Get real good at picking individual stocks. And then apply 1 and 2.


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2 Responses to “3 Ways To Make Money In Volatile Times”

  1. abdul Says:

    The best way is to shorten your timeframe and take your profit quickly. I am using two timeframe (1000 ticks for entry and 3000 for confirmation). It work for me well as long as I am focus on the trade. Yesterday rally is no surprise to me because after the carnage, there is no steam left for the bear to ponder again. I am counting the elliot wave for S&P and loooking at the daily chart, we already done with the 2nd retrace and going for the 3rd wave up. Base on this theory, we are still early in the trend. The halloween cycle plus the santa claus sentiment is also the reason the market wanting to move up. They may want to test the May or July high but no reason to go more bullish than this level.

  2. abdul Says:

    My opinion is, in the medium term, there is nothing to get excited about looking at the fundamentals both in U.S and Europe. However, the U.S market in particularly is looking to test the May or July high but still there is no reason to go much more higher than what we already achived this year. That’s just my 2 cents thoughs.

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