By Robert Liu

Using a payroll software comes with a variety of benefits for you as an employer but also for your employees no matter how small or large your organization is. The accuracy and efficiency that comes with having such a solution means your profits are maximized. We will look at 6 compelling reasons why you should adopt a system like the payroll 1099 software ETC.

1. Cost Effective

Automating your payment system is always more cost effective. Replacing your more manual system with a more animated one eliminates human error and other inefficiencies. You get to save money, especially if you understand how to use it quickly. Making your service more professional has its downsides of course, but these are outweighed by the benefits you stand to gain. In addition, you can always brand your business as an efficient service.

2. Employee Calendars

All software have unique tweaks that make them more user-friendly and beneficial. Some payroll software solutions come with an employee calendar. You are therefore able to manage overtime, sick leave and absences. You are able to see the number of days taken and the work period remaining for every employee just at a click of the mouse. With such a solution, a staff member cannot make up the type of leave they had taken e.g. saying it is sick leave when it was their annual leave. Planning becomes easier for you and who would not want that kind of convenience?

3. Pay slips

One of the special advantages of using the payroll 1099 software over other free alternatives found over the internet is that they do not give you the option to create pay slips. With this solution, you can quickly generate pay slips with the minimum statutory information. You are not alone; many employees prefer being able to print pay slips for themselves.

4. Tax Updates and Reminders

If you have missed your latest tax updates, there is no need to panic if you are using a payroll software. This is because you will be notified every time updates are needed, which gives you enough time to prepare. In addition, such platforms have reminders that help you to schedule important tasks. These tasks will make it easy for you (or whoever will be using the software e.g. an accountant) to stay on top of tax submissions and pay slips.

5. Added Security

Security is a big deal when you are running your own business. The uncertainty of sending private employee information out is always a concern to business owners. Payroll solutions are created with a high regard to IT security standards. The software is created with a company environment in mind. The security therefore covers both internal and external risks to access of sensitive information. Private information could be used by your competitors, burglars and other malicious people and organizations. Keeping your employees’ data safe is your responsibility and this software allows you to do so comfortably.


Robert Liu is a HR systems expert with extensive experience in industry standards. He has been following trends over the years and takes pride in opening up the workplace through automation. Visit his blog here for more information about payroll 1099 software ETC.

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