By Charlie Brown

In the midst of complicated employment legal tussles, you may have to hire a certified attorney to help you through the legal problem. With countless law firms operating today, you may just go to the first person that comes your way. It may seem convenient for you, but you may end up missing out on important aspects of the hiring process. Here are five important qualities you should look for when hiring an employment law attorney for your case.


When hiring a lawyer, you must ensure that he/she is licensed to operate in your state. With a licensed attorney, you will be sure that he/she has passed the bar exams and has met other requirements before he/she is allowed to practice. With such a legal representative, you can be assured of quality representation.


You need to hire an employment law attorney who has been practicing for several years. A seasoned lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to handle your employment case with ease. He/she will know what is expected and will know all the necessary paperwork to fill. A good lawyer will provide insight into the case and will tell you about the likely outcome of your case.


When choosing a legal representative for your case, you need one who specializes in employment law. This field of law is quite broad and a general lawyer who handles all types of legal cases may not give you the representation that you deserve. You need a specialist who has in-depth knowledge of employment laws and has handled similar cases in the past. Furthermore, he/she should have a track record of successful cases completed in the past.

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When hiring a lawyer, reputation is a crucial aspect that must be put into consideration. Testimonials, publications, and reviews can come in handy while exploring the reputation of a lawyer you are considering. You can also seek referrals from family members, friends, colleagues or other lawyers that you know. Chances are that they will recommend professionals with a good reputation in the field and who will significantly impact on your employment case.

Personal attributes

You need a lawyer who has a high level of integrity, good negotiating skills, excellent communication and writing skills. An attorney should show reliability to his/her clients through prompt communications throughout the case. This will help to eliminate anxiety and doubt and will ensure that the client is aware of whatever happens during the litigation process. You need an honest employment law advocate that you confide in the key details of your case without worrying about confidentiality.

For many people, legal fees are a crucial factor when picking the right employment law solicitor. Most attorneys will charge their fees depending on their experience, reputation, and the amount of work they will do for you. It is always important to ask the expected fees that your employment lawyer will charge. This is because legal firms can either charge an up-front fee, a lump sum fee at the end of the case, or monthly bills. Take time to understand all the costs that you will be responsible for to avoid any surprises in the future.

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