By Charlie Brown

Did you just get pulled over for speeding and now you are afraid that your one for the road might have put you on the wrong side of the law? Truth is, there are so many drivers that get pulled over and end up with a DUI (driving under the influence) or a DWI (driving while intoxicated) charge. And because this is the most common kind of arrest on our roads, here are some few mistakes that you should avoid when pulled over or arrested for DUI/DWI.

– Do not drive off – Resisting arrest is a different violation of the law on its own. So, if the officers on the road ask you to pull over, (please) find a safe place and pull over.

– Never be hostile to the officer (or officers) – Being abusive or hostile to an officer of the law is also an offense on its own. So, do not make the matters worse by adding extra charges to an already hefty charge by being abusive or hostile. Be polite to the officer and if possible, say sorry; he might just let you go if you are not too slurped.

– Never fail to show up for a court date – Trust me, a DUI is one of the most stressful charges anyone can ever go through. For a DUI or DWI Houston charge, there are several court appearances that you will be subjected to. Failing to show up to one of them might be bad for you. So, it is important to honor the court and show up to every court appearance.

– Never for a minute think that you can represent yourself –Let’s face it; standing in front of the judge is not as simple as you might think and trust me, DUI charges are a little more complicated than they actually seem. Even if you are sure that the arrest was a wrong arrest, never for a minute think that you can represent yourself in court. Get in touch with a professional and experienced DUI attorney because only he or she can represent you well.

– Never drive after your driving license has been revoked or suspended – One of the consequences of a DUI or a DWI charge is getting your license revoked or suspended. When that happens, do not go behind the wheel because this might jeopardize your chances of getting your initial charges dropped.

So there you have it! Driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated convictions can really impact your life and might even jeopardize your chances in the future. If you read reviews of people who have been convicted for DUI, you will find that some of them either lost their jobs or have been having problems getting jobs.

So, to ensure that you don’t suffer the same fate, simply do not drink and drive!However, if you are pulled over and arrested, make it your priority to find the best legal representation as soon as possible.

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