By Charlie Brown

The safest way of finding a good home is by hiring a competent realtor. There are so many things you can fail to see but the agent’s experienced eye will notice immediately. That is unless you have the misfortune to land an unscrupulous soul looking to make a quick sale.

While looking for one, you might want to consider speaking to quite a number so that you have a feel for different agents. Fortunately, it is easy to sense a deceitful agent who is only interested in making a sale. Avoid the quick smooth talkers who will barely allow you to ask a question.

The following are some of the traits you look for in a good estate agent.

1. Knowledge about houses and architecture 

Seeing as you may not have the first idea about what nooks and crannies need checking out, an agent who is knowledgeable will be a great asset. An agent who displays knowledge obviously has an interest in the industry and can be trusted to give good advice.

2. Personality

No one wants to deal with a person who can barely engage beyond the official business. Even that one happens with clinical precision. A pleasant, friendly person is easier to deal with, especially if you are going to spend a whole day inspecting houses and you have questions.

3. They must pay attention to the smallest of details.

Again, you are no expert at architectural strengths and weaknesses. You do not want to buy a house that will go Humpty Dumpty on you in less than a year of moving in. Also, they should be able to grasp the details of your needs and talk about those.

4. They should be honest.

You should check them out before you meet them face to face. Look out for scandals and complaints. You do not want to deal with a firm that has had shady dealings and led their clients astray.

5. Integrity

This one boils down to an agent having your best interests at heart as opposed to putting their interests first. Making a sale is obviously important to the agent. That is how they earn their bread after all. However, that does not warrant using unscrupulous means to land that sale. You will end up cheated if you deal with such a character.

6. Tenacious

A good agent will work with the tenacity of a hungry lion during a hunt. He will not stop until he chases down his lunch and eats to his fill. A tenacious agent is one who will keep looking until they find you the house you need. They will not give up after a few houses and then tell you that there are no houses that fit your bill and could you perhaps lower your expectations or something?

If you work with an agent that is well connected, then that may make things easier for the both of you because their connections will always alert them if they come across something that might interest you.

Looking up a realty near you like Rochester New York if that is where you hope to move to helps you get some firms that you can look up and interview so that you can compare the firms and agents you come into contact with and get the best to work with.

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