Major negative day with the internals to back it up. 95% of today’s volume was on the downside. We probably bounce for 2-3 days but it’s really a crapshoot at this point. After today really anything can happen and it may just be best to take tomorrow off and take my dog for a long walk….lol.
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  1. Abdul Rahim Says:

    Dear Jeff, I am glad to discovered your side after seaching for $tick theory at google. The Greek crisis had cause me big paper loss because I failed to follow the trading rule no.1 placing stop loss. This weekend, I will be attending additional class (Masterclass for trader) from my tutor Conrad Alvin Lim @ You mention about sat down at Starbucks watching the carnage etc make me happy feeling. This type of writing really forget about my trading problem. Please keep up as I will continue to read your trading lifestyle. Thank you & regards.

  2. Jeff Pierce Says:

    Abdul – it's awesome to meet you and I hope you enjoy the blog and stick around for awhile.

    What are the criteria you use for you stop loss. a $ amount of % loss?

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