Tweet By Jeff Pierce I rely heavily on my market timing signals and despite the massive snapback rally to new highs that we’ve seen I remain extremely cautious of this move. You may be saying that that is good from a contrarion view as a market climbs a wall of worry, however I believe for […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders Karen here from Astrology Traders, I’ve got some great news and some really important astrology projections that will help you navigate the markets for November. First, we want to welcome Christopher Ebert, full time trader and options specialist to our Astrology Traders Service.  Chris brings his options expertise and educational abilities […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce As the market volatility increases and that is likely to continue for awhile let’s turn our attention to Bonds for clues. It’s entering an obvious area of resistance right now so it will be important to see how it trades between the $120-125 level.  I personally don’t think this has enough […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The Markets The bullish trend we were expecting in the middle of August gained additional strength in last weeks trading session. The technical long term trend is for the Nasdaq has realigned to the upside and joins the DJIA. The Nasdaq has done a ‘whipsaw’, as Jeff likes to call it, giving […]