Tweet By Jeff Pierce The $79 level is key support that goes all the way back to 2011. If this level is broken then this currency could head down to the $75 level with the $73 being the ultimate bottom.

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Ya gotta give the Feds their due credit with this melt up  job they’ve created. We all hear the “don’t fight the fed” adage time and time again but do we always listen? My long term timing indicator for the Nasdaq has flipped bullish, so the bulls look like they are […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce While the general markets (DOW & SPX) hit new highs, does it mean we should be bullish on equities? In the video below I address this question and more. Click image to see video


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Back on Feb 28th I wrote this article on TLT outlining a short term bullish move in this back to $111-115 level (then it was trading at $108). Now that it’s hit that target now what? Given that I’m overall bearish on the equity markets, or maybe a better way to put […]