Tweet By Astrology Traders The Markets The bullish trend we were expecting in the middle of August gained additional strength in last weeks trading session. The technical long term trend is for the Nasdaq has realigned to the upside and joins the DJIA. The Nasdaq has done a ‘whipsaw’, as Jeff likes to call it, giving […]


Tweet By Faces In Cabs What an odd (and wonderful) price shock for bears on Friday. The news from Ukraine and Russia appeared to darken the recent clouds over the exuberant equity markets. The added drama that this event arrived on OpEx day created a significant reversal and scalping opportunities in the options markets. Furthermore, […]

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Tweet By Faces In Cabs This low volume Monday appeared to end on a whimper, as the major indices ended at their lows of the day. Combined with the large fade in the afternoon, that’s a clue to me that the equities may be going down as early as Tuesday, so I wanted to put […]


Tweet By Faces in Cabs About 9 days ago, the markets experienced a 300+ point shock event down. However, that shock event’s price appears to be stabilizing after Friday’s large PPT reversal bounce (which began 4 hours after the Japan market open, when the Nikkei was down over 400 points). I would note that Friday’s […]