Tweet By Astrology Traders I want to thank one of our subscribers, for bringing to my attention the latest alert from conspiracy writer Benjamin Fulford-July 7, 2014 Read the full article here The video presentation of Christine Lagarde in the article is presented as an occult message to the power elite using numerological theories.  In […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The Markets We were expecting a pullback in the (XLF) Financials at the end of last week. The financials rallied despite a gutsy move by Draghi, introducing quantitative easing and a negative deposit rate of -0.1pc., marking the first time a major central bank has crossed the -0 threshold. Draghi said he will “do […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders Part I The Dow Jones was born on July 3, 1884.  As the financial markets and Wall Street came into being so did the adoption of various forecasting techniques.  The magnetism of wealth and money attracted a variety of individuals, including those who were part of secret societies and custodians of […]

Tweet  By Astrology Traders During the Great Depression of the 1930′s Uranus, the planet that rules advanced technology,electricity, and aerospace, was transiting the sign of Aries, ruler of the pioneer and new enterprises.  During the 1930′s era we witnessed considerable advances in air transportation along with the introduction to computerized technology.  The companies with new […]