Tweet By Chris Ebert Note to readers: I’ll be away for a few days. The normal detailed options analysis of the S&P 500, and its implications for the stock market, will return Sunday July 27. As of July 17, the S&P had not breached the 1930 level – an important level because of its effect […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Last week, an analysis of options here presented evidence that the S&P 500 would not climb above the 2050 level through at least the end of August. As always, every attempt was made to offer facts, not opinions. Facts give traders a real edge; opinions provide nothing more than false confidence. […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert To summarize last week’s market analysis (available HERE) buying Calls* (Long Calls) becomes more profitable than selling Puts* (Naked Puts) only in the strongest of strong Bull markets, identified here as Bull Market Stage 1 – the “lottery fever” stage. The name, lottery fever, is derived from the euphoric buying of […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Who gets the bigger profit; Put sellers or Call buyers? It turns out the answer is as important for stock traders as it is for option traders. Put options are really nothing more than insurance policies that pay a stock owner in case the stock price falls below a pre-determined level. […]