If a stock-market participant only knows two things about the options market, these are the two most important truths:
1. Covered Call trading is only unprofitable in a Bear market
2. Long Call trading is only profitable in a Bull market.

Tweet By Chris Ebert As the Bull market sent stock prices higher and higher over the past several years, readers here were provided with a unique perspective – a perspective that ignores the news of the day, ignores corporate fundamentals, and even ignores most common forms of technical analysis. This perspective has managed to guide […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert This is either the beginning of the end for the recent 3-year uninterrupted run for the Bull Market and stock prices are headed much much lower;  or it’s the end of a healthy Bull-market correction and stock prices are in a position to surpass their recent all-time highs within a few […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Note to readers: The regular update of the S&P 500 options market will not be published this weekend due to the U.S. Columbus Day holiday. Regular updates will resume Sunday October 19, 2014. The following chart may provide some perspective on the current state of the stock market. It’s definitely been […]