Tweet By Chris Ebert It is often possible to tell what the weather is, simply by looking out of a window. If folks are bundled in heavy jackets, it’s probably cold outside. If everyone’s in their shirt sleeves or short pants, then chances are good that it’s warm. The stock market environment can be determined […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert A simple-moving-average, also known as an s.m.a., can be among the most useful technical tools a trader will ever encounter. S.m.a.’s are often helpful in revealing the type of trading environment – for example, a price that consistently bounces higher from a 50-period simple-moving-average is generally a healthy, bullish sign. On […]

Tweet By Christopher Ebert Question for the Option Scientist: What are you using to track option prices? Answer: Obtaining the price, or premium, of an option can be both difficult and expensive. That may be surprising to some, as there are so many financial sites that provide free viewing of option chains. But, most option chains only […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Here is a way to analyze the current stock market environment in about 10 minutes or less using just a few simple steps. The following analysis, now in its third year, is presented each weekend in order to give traders an edge in their trading by improving the ability to recognize […]