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My prediction In the July 27th update for trouble at the CME September 1st has come to fruition as reported in an article posted from Zerohedge on September 1st.   To sum up the article, Nanex’s Eric Hunsader confirmed the participation of central banks involvement in market manipulation of the S&P futures, known as the E-mini, in both the futures and option form, in addition to the well-known central bank trading in Interest Rates, TSY and FX products.  In order to incentivize the banks the CME is paying them tiny rebates on every trade.

The exposure seems to have the CME thrown off balance and it could likely have set in motion  lawsuits that could disrupt it’s business practices, and possibly expose other more damaging connections to gold and currency manipulation.   The charade at the CME is likely more a threat to international monetary cooperation, however, anyone who is involved with trading the markets will get the trickle down effect.  Last Monday the CME advised the CFTC that the derivative market would be adopting a ‘new rule 575′ to eliminate “Disruptive Practices Prohibited”.  The rule covers nearly all types of trading practices and is designed to eliminate market-rigging.  Starting September 15th–this is the same date I have identified as bullish for gold– the CME will no longer tolerate what it calls “Disruptive Market Practices” (Read the full article)


ceresIn the July 27, 2014 update I wrote about the asteroid Ceres transit in Scorpio, highlighting the connection to the statue of the Goddess Ceres perched on top of the CME building in Chicago.  I illustrated the godfather like characteristic of Ceres and the symbolic nature and placement of the statue on the most powerful financial center in the nation.  This is not New York, this is Chicago and the events unfolding now remind me of Eliot Ness, the famous federal agent who led an incorruptible group of law enforcement officers dubbed “The Untouchables,” the ones who brought down the Chicago gangster Al Capone in the 1930′s.

The CME has since 2001 emerged as the worlds leader in the derivatives marketplace.  The mafia pales in comparison, however, the CME has its own saga here unfolding, soon to escalate into an international power struggle over market control and manipulation.  The astrology shows the portents for an escalation in October and into November.  In Mid February 2015 Ceres will conjoin Pluto, this is a critical time for the CME and will likely bring market volatility.  Below is an excerpt from our July 27th update:

Perched high on top of the CME building in Chicago is a stylized version of the Greek Goddess Ceres, known in Greek mythology as the goddess of the harvest. The placement seems fitting since the Chicago Board of Trade is home to the futures markets used for decades by farmers to manage their agricultural commodities. The CME Group offers a wide range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes. The exchange has come under scrutiny in recent years with the collapse of MF Global that led to confiscation of client accounts and futures contracts during the liquidation of the banks assets.

Along with last weeks illustration of the numbers 8 and 23, I want to bring attention to transiting Ceres moving into Scorpio on August 6th, and 8 degrees 32 minutes Scorpio on September 1st. The early part of September could bring some volatility for corn, the dollar, and gold. There will likely be trouble for the exchange (manipulation) at the same time. Ceres gets furious when the harvest and the Earth are tampered with. She embodies mothering, nurturing and respect–neglect or abandon the protection and rule of law in our nation and watch out!–this is not a goddess you would fool or betray, physical life is at HER mercy.

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This is an excerpt from this week’s  premium update  from the The Financial Tap, which is dedicated to helping people learn to grow into successful investors by providing cycle research on multiple markets delivered twice weekly. Now offering monthly & quarterly subscriptions with 30 day refund. Promo code ZEN saves 10%. 

When considering whether an asset is ready to turn higher, I generally look for an extreme negative sentiment level during an extreme price decline while the asset is in the timing band for a Cycle Low. At present, both Gold and Silver sentiment are approaching extremes, likely indicating that an ICL is near.

But let’s consider the chart from a broader perspective with the following question: Since this is just week 15 of the current IC, are there enough bears to lead us to believe that an IC low is near?  In a bull market, low sentiment is a great predictor of a turn. But if Gold is still in a bear market, or even if it’s in a more neutral bottoming period, sentiment might not be negative enough yet for an ICL.


The same logic applies to the COT report (below). Speculators have not yet taken short positions as at other recent Cycle ICLs, suggesting that there is short selling ahead.

As bearish as this sounds, there is a “rest of the story” in support of my view that we’re still at a major decision point for Gold. If June 2013 was the final capitulation low that ended the bear market, and I still believe that it was, it was followed by a retest in Dec 2013. Each ICL since has attracted fewer Short speculators and far less hedging…and that’s not bear market behavior. Such apathy and disinterest is often observed at – or after – bear market lows. (more…)

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This guide is written to provide some simple strategies that can be implemented to help your investment portfolio grow in addition to making good returns. You must actively manage your investment portfolio if you want to get the maximum financial gains from it. Strategic growth is possible in any investment portfolio if the correct steps are taken.

If you are thinking about investing your savings then you really should seek some specialist assistance. A professional investment portfolio management company will soon pay for itself when you start to see larger growth in your portfolio. If you do plan to manage your own portfolio, the following information will help you to understand how to grow your

Some people are happy to build a portfolio that provides a steady income through dividends, interest payments and redemptions but if you wish to see the value of your investments grow significantly you need to actively manage your portfolio with this in mind.

Fortunately, several different strategies can be implemented for portfolio management. The strategy that you decide to adopt really depends on how much risk you are willing to take. The higher the risk, the higher the potential growth.

Portfolio growth strategies

Many private investors manage risk over time by reducing the percentage of their investment in high growth stocks every year. A simple approach is to use the number of years to your retirement as a percentage of the portfolio that will be put at greater risk. For example, assuming a retirement age of 65 years, a 30-year-old will invest 35 per cent of their portfolio in riskier stocks that have a much greater potential to grow rapidly, whereas a 60-year-old will only have five per cent of the portfolio in risky investments. Upon reaching retirement, all investments will be moved to safer securities and bonds that can be drawn down in parallel to a pension fund.

Strategies can be either passive or aggressive and some are far riskier than others. Ideally, you should adopt a combination of strategies that is designed to manage risk while maintaining growth.

Buy and hold

Buying stocks and holding on to them is one of the safest ways to grow a portfolio. Even with stock market crashes taken into account, stock markets today are still valued higher than they were 20 years ago. A long-term strategy is a safe one.

Many mutual funds, investment trusts, and fund managers create growth portfolios that you can invest in as a part of your own portfolio. By investing in one of the many US equity growth mutual funds, you can realize good gains over time.

However, mutual funds can be expensive and some of the annual fees will reduce potential earnings considerably. If you have a large investment portfolio it can often be cheaper to hire a fund manager who will purchase individual stocks and manage the investment on your behalf.

Market timing (more…)