By Poly

This is an excerpt from this weeks premium update from the The Financial Tap, which is dedicated to helping people learn to grow into successful investors by providing cycle research on multiple markets delivered twice weekly. Now offering monthly & quarterly subscriptions with 30 day refund. Promo code ZEN saves 10%.

Cycle Counts


Cycle Count Observation Probable Outlook Cycle Clarity Trend
Daily Day 27 Range 24-28 Days – 1st Daily Cycle Neutral Green Failed
Investor Week 5 Range 22-26 Weeks Bullish    Green Failed
4Yr Month 39 Range 48-52 Months Bearish Green Failed

We have seen a fair amount of panic these past two days in the gold sector, but for gold itself, this has been an orderly and expected 1st Daily Cycle retracement. Looking at the chart below, the drop under the 10dma, over 3 to 5 sessions, is normal as gold retraces back towards the last breakout area.

The problem really is within the silver and miners charts, they are showing a full 100% retracement of the Cycle.  If the more volatile miners are leading indicator, then of course this does not bode well for gold.  But as this is the 1st DCL, I still believe that we’re probably seeing a flush of long positions before gold moves higher in the 2nd Daily Cycle.


8-26 Gold Dailyu


By Eain Jordan

The boardroom is where business gets done, so you will want to make your boardroom as inviting a space as possible, for both staff and clients. You want the quality of decision-making in your boardroom to be as high as possible, and having a positive atmosphere certainly helps in that respect.

The whole idea of a boardroom can seem daunting. We have all seen the traditional idea of a boardroom depicted on television or in the movies, and such a room can appear cold and uninviting. In reality, a boardroom can be a welcoming space, helping people to feel relaxed and comfortable.

You will want things such as wall art and even the finish on the walls to reflect the type of mood that helps those at a meeting to relax. The desk should be wooden, preferably, and have a homely look. Glass desks or desks made from metal give the impression of cold or of a sterile corporate atmosphere, and might put people off. Ensure the desk is large enough to accommodate a group of people and their materials – notes, laptops, and so on. If you are going for a homely mood, then why not consider wooden shutters as a nice touch? Wooden shutters are also a practical feature in any room, allowing those inside to let more light into the room or, alternatively, block out the light. If someone is presenting in a boardroom using a computer and projector, then minimizing the light is an obvious priority.

A word of warning about decorating a boardroom: do not put anything in there that will prove distracting. Outlandish art pieces or a gaudy color scheme will serve only to distract those attending meetings. You want to make a strong first impression, especially with your clients, but you most certainly do not want clients put off by unusual décor in the course of an important meeting. Another thing to look out for is the style of seating you choose for your boardroom. You want the seating to be comfortable, but you do not want it to be too plush. After all, this is a space for decision-making and for decisiveness. Choose practical seating that best reflects the serious nature of what goes on in a boardroom, but at the same time, choose seating that clients and staff will not be uncomfortable sitting in.

When choosing paint for the walls of your boardroom, choose a rich color scheme to make people feel at home. Rich colors have the added bonus of helping boost creativity.

Lighting is another key element in a successful boardroom. Install lighting that reflects a relaxed mood but is sufficient for getting work done. The last thing you want is for those attending important meetings in your boardroom straining to read the notes in front of them because of poor lighting. Garish lighting is another put-off.

A final element to consider is temperature controls. A boardroom should be neither too warm nor too cold, so have properly installed and working temperature controls.

If clients and staff feel relaxed in a boardroom, then a positive business environment will likely ensue, to the benefit of your organization.

By Rose Anderson

Nowadays anyone looking to trade in forex, equities, or anything else has numerous options available to them seeing as there are so many brokers out there. While at first glance it may appear as if most brokers are fairly similar in terms of their range of services, if you look closer you’ll find that there are subtle yet significant differences that could have a huge impact on your trades.

Taking a little bit of time to choose a trading broker that is suited to your needs is essential, and you’ll find that if you do you could gain several key benefits. Some of the areas that you will want to consider include:

? Tradeable markets

It may surprise you to note that not all trading brokers offer you the ability to trade between any and all currency pairs as well as equities and options. Matter of fact, most tend to offer only a few currency pairs, equities and types of options. Generally speaking, the more choice that is available, the greater flexibility you’ll have in picking and choosing which trades to make.

? Risk protection and security

Although trading itself does involve some risk, ideally you would want to limit that risk in certain situations. In others however you may want to throw caution to the wind that accept a greater risk for higher potential rewards. Different trading brokers have different approaches to how much risk they allow their clients to be exposed to, and some have multiple options so the clients themselves can choose the risks that they undertake.

? Software and platform features

Most trading brokers either use a variant of one of the more popular trading platforms or their own specialized software. Either way, you’ll want to look closely at its features and determine whether or not it has everything that you need. Some of the common features include trading charts, automated advisors, and even a mobile app so you can trade on the go. (more…)

By Jeff Pierce

After a long hiatus I’m starting to get more interested in the markets these days. To be honest, this has been one of the worse markets to trade that I’ve experienced since I started trading back in the late 90’s and I’ve mostly been in cash this year, never having much more then 10% of my capital in the markets at any one time. There just haven’t been any decent trading setups according to my trading strategy. I’ve been pretty skeptical of how much upside is left and even when my timing signal flipped bullish back in May I really didn’t see my scan results confirming the move.

What I want to point out in this post is the change in character from the RSI perspective. The last 2 dips over the past 2 years say the RSI never really dip to far into the oversold range. Meaning that the bears never really got their groove on. That has changed now and you should really pay attention because this new trend change usually sticks around for awhile. 60 should be the market ceiling on the RSI going forward.

So what I’ll be looking for in the markets over the coming 3-6 weeks is 2 things.

  • A small rally where it will give one a chance to establish some short etf positions.
  • A complete market meltdown

The reason I say that #2 is a possibility is the sort of volatility you are seeing now is where crashes happen. It’s where 200 point swings on the Nasdaq start to feel normal. That is the market just warming up for the big one.