By Jeff Pierce

This continues to be the most boring market I’ve ever seen. Boring in the sense that it’s untradeable as there really is no true trend. The markets seem to go up and down like a yo yo and while the markets are at highs something just doesn’t feel like it matches up between what is being reported in the headlines and what I’m seeing in market internals and scan results. Below you can see the Dow’s range is tightening and sooner or later this is going to breakout or breakdown and when it does the move is going to be large. Unless of course it’s a fakeout and the move reverses….


By Poly

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In a surprising departure from its normal character, the Gold market has recently been subdued, with little volatility. Even though its Cycle timing is uncertain, Gold should be more volatile than what we’re seeing at present. It’s as if Gold is being ignored, as if the world has finally given up on it. After 4 long years of grinding lower it’s become an afterthought.

That sort of behavior is not bullish for Gold – it wouldn’t be for any asset. Speculative forces drive price in the short term, and an out-of-favor asset like Gold generally won’t pick up much speculative buying. That said, for any asset locked in a cyclical bear market, Gold’s level of apathy is natural part of the Cycle. The speculators left Gold years ago, so there is no real buying behind even the temporary, counter-trend rallies in each new IC.

And even many of the “true” Gold-bugs appear to have given up. During the past 18 months, they have sold the “monster silver boxes” they bought to get them through the hyper-inflation event they believed was just around the corner. Understand, I’m not mocking Gold-bugs. To the contrary, I personally hold a decent amount of physical metal, but my holding it is not contingent upon price, and will not be sold under any circumstances. It’s insurance.

The current apathy toward Gold illustrates that it’s finally moving beyond the bear market bottoming process (the despair stage) and into silent accumulation (the stealth phase). Technically and from a price perspective, this stage is always difficult to see. But from my vantage point, with the luxury of access to the thinking of many investors from varying walks of life, I believe we’ve already arrived at that next phase.

Shorter term, it remains anybody’s guess as to where Gold will go, and don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. There is, however, a bearish bias to Gold’s current Daily Cycle and chart (below), due primarily to Gold’s inability to punch higher and form a trend of higher Cycle highs. A move below $1,167 would continue Gold’s series of lower lows, and would be a real warning about its near term intentions. At present, it’s really the bulls that need to prove themselves.

5-9 Gold Daily

The Investor Cycle is also difficult to read. What is especially strange about the current IC is that the first 7 weeks have yet to show any real upside action. ICs, even those during bear markets, always manage a significant upside spike in the first 5 to 7 weeks. But the current IC has seen only tepid upside and, to be honest, I’m not sure what to make of it. Gold generally conforms well to Cycle patterns, so I typically have a fairly good read on it. But its current behavior is different than in the past, and it doesn’t provide a straightforward read. (more…)


Now that you have decided you want a piece of the panoramic city of Stowe in Vermont, it behoves upon you to get it right from the start. Truth be told, beginning as an entrepreneur in real estate can be daunting, but surprisingly many investors are still putting their money here as opposed to other industries.

The Numbers are on Your Side 

Indeed, a study published in Forbes in 2013 shows that over 78% of potential investors said they were looking for a chance to venture into property markets. Another report on U.S News shows that traditional investment portfolios, among them real estate, still remained a favorite of 69% of investors.

Leveraging Your Realtor’s Expertise

When you identify property in a picturesque neighborhood within Stowe, you will be on your way to making good money. A North Vermont Real Estate Market Report predicts rising median prices for homes in this region which provides an ample chance to make good money.


But is it that easy? Well, the 2007/2008 home busts shows this is a volatile market, but with qualified Stowe realtors working for you, chances of burning your fingers are reduced. Here are some of the ways through which these experts will aid your investment:

1. Local Knowhow

There are many luxury homes, vacation condos and other properties that can lure you to invest in this region. However, without local knowledge of the area, you are at risk of losing money quickly. A local realtor knows the best areas from Stowe Village, Nebraska Valley to Robinson Springs. Once you explain the kind of investment you are after, they will have ground knowhow to identify such property.

2. Local Networks

A real estate agent is one of the most interlinked individual in society. (more…)