Tweet By Jeff Pierce Tomorrow isn’t going to be a game changer by itself but it could be the start of something if we get a strong close. However I wouldn’t start to call it a victory for the bulls because many of my internal signals are still pointing down and there has been a […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce  

Tweet By Mobile Guru It May Be Hip To Be Square, But It Is Spindle That Could Fill Your Mobile Wallet Good ol’ Huey Lewis and the News had it right back in the 80′s. I bet he never imagined some 30+ years ago that today his words would find their way into the title […]

Tweet By Harlan Pyan The following is an excerpt from October 27th’s premium update at All About Trends. Enjoy a free 15 day trial to receive daily stock picks, market analysis, & complete trading plan. Promo code: zen. In many U.S. cities it’s Halloween trick or treat time and yes Halloween parties which means? Bobbing for AAPLs.  So […]