Tweet By Chris Ebert The S&P 500 has hovered around the 2100 level quite a bit recently. That didn’t happen by chance; there’s a very good reason that level is so important right now. It represents a battle zone; and perhaps there is no better way to view that battle zone than by looking at […]

Tweet by Chris Ebert Not everyone has the time or the energy to follow the stock market. This can be a crucial flaw in an investment plan such as RRSP, 401k, 403b, IRA or similar types of accounts. Such accounts are designed to allow folks to contribute funds to the stock market when many of […]

Tweet Chris Ebert began contributing to in 2011 in an effort to spread knowledge about options trading. Now beginning his 5th year at zentrader, Chris is as committed as ever to demystifying the world of options. Here is a link to the article that started it all ==>  Seeing Options from Both Sides Chris […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert There is an often overlooked cycle in the stock market that deserves some extra attention these days. Stock prices often experience periods of movement punctuated by periods of stagnation or consolidation. In other words, sometimes stock prices are in a trend and other times they move sideways and make no progress. […]