Tweet By Chris Ebert The best time to prepare for a Bear market, as with any foreseeable disaster, is long before it strikes. If one waits for word of a Bear market to be broadcast on the evening news, chances are good that it is already too late to prepare. It’s too late to build […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert These days, there are lots of different options expirations available, so no single expiration is quite as important as it may have been in the past when availability was much more limited. Even so, some options expiration dates, such as September 20, 2014 are more significant than others because they coincide […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Rarely is the disconnect between the stock market and the economy more apparent than in an extreme Bull market. There are times when stock prices rise so far, so fast that the trend becomes self-perpetuating, feeding on the greed of traders who don’t want to miss the rally. When such a […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Very few things can be known for sure about the future; and even when something is known for sure, the word sure is open to interpretation. Certainly, one can be reasonably sure that the sun will rise tomorrow, though technically even that it is not 100% certain. It is possible to […]