The recent move, one of the biggest rallies for the stock market in years, was not a surprise to anyone who follows the LSSI. The direction of the move may have surprised a lot of traders, but the magnitude of the move was not surprising at all given the recent LSSI numbers.

Tweet By Chris Ebert The Future is Not Predictable The job of a stock market trader may seem simple; learn how to predict when stock prices will go up or down, and then buy at low prices and sell at high prices. Alternatively, since stock prices have tended to rise in the long run, despite […]

The stock-market industry has just experienced one such rather significant shift. For the first time in several months, option buyers by and large are now experiencing uncommon gains. This shift has implications for anyone in the industry – any participant in the stock market – even those who are not directly involved with options.

Tweet By Chris Ebert It’s difficult to predict the future; some might say it’s impossible. The stock market, as with any process that involves predicting the future, is, as one might expect, very unpredictable. But unlike natural processes that are difficult to predict, for example predicting where and when a storm might strike, the stock […]