Tweet By Astrology Traders The following is an excerpt from Sunday premium report published on November 17th by Astrology Traders focusing on our core holdings.  We started keeping a model portfolio for our astrology picks so you can clearly see how they are performing. We offer a free 2 wk trial. The Federal Reserve We are fast […]

Tweet By Poly The FED’s statement today essentially stated that the economy is improving and we should expect a tapering of asset purchases sooner rather than later.  Expectations on when the Fed funds rate will begin to rise were also brought forward.  Obviously this type of news is Dollar bullish, so it was no surprise […]

Tweet By Poly We had a fairly decent monthly employment print this Friday which followed some decent ISM numbers.  Based on these survey’s, an argument can be made that the FED has averted (at least prolonged) a near certain recession.  Not everybody is convinced, I know I’m not.  Aushtan from ECRI is sticking to his […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Where are all the quality breakouts? Over the weekend as I was running my momentum scans I suddenly realized something that has been bothering me all week with regards to fresh breakouts. Within my tradewithZEN stock selection service I primarily focus on stocks that have reacted extremely bullish to recent earnings and […]