Tweet By Chris Ebert The chart creates the news, and not t’other way around. It’s a remarkable concept, bound to stir fear in the heart of most any stock market participant. Fundamental stock market analysts, particularly, may be prone to proclaim such a claim as outrageous; and even technical analysts who live and die by-the-chart […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Nobody, not even the most seasoned expert with the most extensive analysis, knows for sure who will win next week’s Super Bowl football championship. And not even the best trader in the world can say for sure where the stock market is going next week. What is known is how the […]

Ever wonder why stock prices sometimes bounce higher after a decline, and other times do not bounce at all, but continue to fall?

The difference between a brick wall now and a brick wall several weeks ago, is that this time would represent the third attempt to break out above the 2075 level on the S&P 500. Three attempts without a significant break of a brick wall can be dangerous.