Tweet By Jeff Pierce Today`s rally is cause for concern when you consider the declining volume on the averages below. The Nasdaq has basically been consolidating for the last 3 weeks trading inside a box and until it can break out of this trading range one should not be overloading on the long side. It`s […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Below are a few screenshots of some of the strongest stocks in the market. If you are looking for some trade ideas for momentum stocks, you’ll likely find a few you’ll like there. Watchlist 1 Watchlist 2 Watchlist 3 Gold has been working it’s way back down to retest the lows. […]

Tweet By Chris Haley Even if you think you should, it’s too late. Investors should always welcome declines as they are the prelude to a rally to a higher level. It is counter intuitive, but you should welcome them. The farthest these declines will go is one more week as then we hit the debt […]

Tweet By All About Trends The following is an excerpt from today’s premium report by All About Trends. Enjoy a free 15 day trial to their service and receive daily stock picks, market analysis, and a complete trading plan. Promo code: zen Friday and over the weekend we said: “Really all they show since the gap down […]