By Charlie Brown

Brands, not only fashion but into any product or services under the sun, now require the service of models to be present at their trade shows or promotional campaigns. These attractive and intelligent professionals help you to get more traffic, answer their queries, and interact with your potential customers to generate more leads and even sales. At trade shows, these models act as the influencers to drive consumer demand towards your brand, concepts, and products.

In fact, there are many types of models out there, and you have to be specific about which one to choose to meet your purpose in hand. Know more about Las Vegas models here. Here, let’s discuss the major available options for you to make the right choice when in need.

1. Trade show models

A trade show model is someone (usually a female) who is hired to represent your brand at a trade show or convention. These models serve different purposes like engaging the customers to attract towards your product and generate leads and also perform the assigned event-specific tasks.

Experienced trade show models are capable of drawing the attention of the potential consumers. They can optimize engagement through verbal cues and a proper body language on the trade show floor. Trade show models help brands of all kinds and sizes to manage leads and increase sales through corporate events. Even though they are primarily sought after for their attractiveness and personality, professional trade show models must also be intelligent and knowledgeable too.

2. Convention models

Convention models or convention staffs are those who assist your sale representatives during a corporate event or trade show in promoting the brand. Conventional models are more experienced in your domain and can engage the visitors by articulating detailed company information.

Convention models usually take care of activities like handing out the product fliers, track visitor information, scan the badges, and create a buzz at the floor. Most importantly, convention models interact with the customers and share information about the company’s products and services. They may also possess sales experience and also capable of articulating the company USPs. They may be skillful in endorsing the brand through different giveaways and fun-filled interactions.

3. Promotional models

Promotional models aim at generating more demand for your company’s products and services. They open direct interaction with the customers, and these promo girls attract more and more customers to generate interest towards your offerings. Promotional models must be physically attractive and with an approachable personality.

Promotional girls are attractive and also well educated in sales and consumer marketing. For special events, there are typical models available who can meet the specific physical and knowledge requirements. Say, for example; sometimes a company may require models to fit into their pre-made uniforms.

4. Spokesmodel

At any trade show, a huge part of successful branding is actually handled by good spokesmodels. They act as the face of a brand in events. Spokesmodels are primarily used to branding, to make an impact during a marketing campaign. The model acts as the voice of your product or services. There are endorsers also chosen as a spokesmodel, usual celebrities for their popularity.

Sometimes, you may also want your spokesmodels to take interviews too. They may have to speak to print of visual media too or to attend a press conference to represent your brand. In this case, a spokesmodel also should be a subject matter expert to answer questions about the products or services in detail.

To choose the right model for your purpose, you need first to assess the requirement in hand and the kind of expertise needed for the model to handle it well. There are many model staffing agencies around which you can approach to hire the best available models.

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