By Charlie Brown

Relocating to a new home can be quite a challenging task and the last thing that anyone wants to think about is cleaning their old home. End of tenancy cleaning is crucial for tenants who are moving and for landlords who want to have a shorter waiting period for their property. With bond cleaning, property owners and managers are extremely stern and they seek overall perfection for you to get your bond back. Therefore, hiring professional cleaners makes more sense in this scenario. Here are important factors to look for when hiring an end of lease cleaner:


When hiring cleaners, you should always go for those who have years of experience in end of lease cleaning. This is because they will know what is expected of them and they will provide unmatched services. A company that has been in operation for five years will offer better services than one that is just starting out and does not have experienced cleaners.

Company reputation

When hiring a cleaner, you should always check their past services. Always go for companies that have a good reputation in the industry. If a company has many satisfied clients, then it means that they deliver excellent services. Avoid hiring companies that have a bad reputation because they will not offer excellent cleaning services and this means that you will never get your bond back.

Bond back guarantee

When hiring cleaners, they should assure you of getting your rental bond back. If they do not, then there is no point in hiring them as it will be a waste of time and money. If the cleaning services offered are not up to standards, you may end up losing your bond. Therefore, a bond back guarantee is the first thing that you need to ask when hiring a cleaning company. For best services consider Count on Clean Brisbane trusts.

Cleaning Tools and equipment

Tools and equipment that are used during the cleaning process is something that you need to consider. A good company will have all the necessary tools to clean your property efficiently and in a timely manner. A company that does not have necessary and adequate equipment will not deliver the best cleaning services.

Cost-effective services

When hiring bond cleaning services, you need to compare the rates offered in the industry so that you can opt for a business that offers competitive rates. They should also give upfront fees without any hidden charges that may surprise you later on. Avoid extremely cheap services because you will always get the services that you pay for and cheap services may have hidden costs in the long run.

Take time to evaluate all the above-mentioned factors when hiring a bond cleaning company to clean your rented house and leave the property in a good and clean condition. Make sure that you hire companies that specialize in providing end-of-lease cleaning services. Such companies will clean all corners of the home using the best products and high-tech equipment in the market. Furthermore, they will have reliable cleaners who will work efficiently and fast and perfectly fit into your busy schedule.

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