By Jeff Pierce

First off –> Happy Holidays!

As 2013 winds down I want to take a moment to tell you about some of the things  to look forward to in the coming year with tradewithZEN. I also would like to thank all subscribers (past & present) for your questions, interactions on twitter, and in some cases new friendships that have been created. My personal mission is to help all of you become better traders and consistently find new and creative ways to systematically pull money from the financial markets in the most controlled and zen way possible.

New Features Planned For tradewithZEN

In 2014 it is my goal to have perfected a way to add recent IPO’s to our watchlists. In the past I’ve excluded them because of a lack of history, but I may have discovered a way around that provided a strong edge in respect to reward/risk. I’m currently in the testing phase with my personal trading and before I roll something out to subscribers I want to be sure it’s effective, safe, and profitable. I’m very optimistic I’ve discovered a checklist of qualifications that make an IPO a potential trade using our current system. Look for that in the first part of 2014 which should give us even more trading opportunities to pick from.

In addition, I’ve been inspired to reverse engineer tradewithZEN to find profitable short trading opportunities. The markets won’t always be in an uptrend and we want to be ready when the next bear market growls. Again I have an approach I’m working on and I’m very excited about it but I’m very slot to adopt any new process and go through a series of forward testing phases using real money as that is the only way one can really know how you would behave. This probably won’t be ready until mid-late 2014 as I need to have a certain amount of examples to decide if it’s a good edge. It really depends on what sort of market we are in. If it’s another 2013 then we won’t likely get too many shorting opportunities, but if the market starts to change character then we should get some test subjects.

When either of these are ready I’ll roll them out at no additional charge to current subs. As I’ve stated in the past I believe many trading services are drastically overpriced and I strive to make mine available to anybody who wants to get involved. I will be raising the price to $30/month for new subscribers at some point in 2014 and I still plan limiting this information to only 100 subscribers. After that people will go on a waiting list and can only join after someone cancels. I’ve always maintained that I don’t want that many people looking at the same stocks we are.

tradewithZEN additions in 2013

2013 saw two new features of tradewithZEN launch. One is where I started live tweeting all my personal trades on my private twitter feed to provide maximum transparency and proof that one can achieve success with this style of trade. Since then here are my trading results and these are with taking about 8 trades per month. Therefore trading commission aren’t going to eat up your profits.

From June to Present the stats break down like this.
Currently I’m 100% in cash.
49 winners with the avg gain being 6.18%
12 losers with the avg loss being 3.51%

The other addition is the ability to mirror my personal trades from tradewithZEN automatically via Ditto Trade without having to lift a finger. If you know of somebody who you think may benefit from mirroring my trades either refer them to me via email at or refer them to this page for more information. I realize that not everyone is cut out to trade momentum stocks, however everyone wants to outperform the market and with Ditto Trade now is your chance to piggyback on my efforts.

With that I want to wish everybody a Happy Holidays. 2013 has been a phenomenal year in both my professional and personal life and I’m very excited about 2014 and beyond.



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