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Greetings and thanks for visiting my corner of cyberspace.

Zentrader started out in July 08′ as a way for me to share my nightly research, provide trade ideas,  and keep a trading journal that kept me accountable and systematic in my trading. This experience  has been good to me as I have built invaluable long-standing relationships.  It’s also been therapeutic for me by helping me organize my thoughts, and I’m finding the longer I trade the markets, the more ways I need to detach myself emotionally and relax my mind as the internet’s ability to deliver endless information can be a blessing and a curse to a trader. I believe that to have longevity with investing, one must find ways to calm the mind and trade from a detached point of view.

As this site is nearing it’s 5th year of daily updates it’s worth noting that there are many different voices that contribute to the Zentrader identity. This is no longer a space where it’s just my opinion of what the market is doing and the stocks/sectors that I’m focusing on as it is a place where my peers in the trading community can come together and share their unique insights in whatever field they have chosen to specialize in. This has always been my plan all along to build a community of alternate investing styles and engaging personalities that come together with the one goal of helping everyone more successful in trading.

To your trading prosperity,

Jeff Pierce



There are a number of ways to follow what I do on the internet and a couple of premium services on this site. I want to clarify a few things to help you decide which one is right for you.

I offer a free market timing newsletter along with other insightful articles not found anywhere else online, as well access to my trading library which you can access from the main page of this blog. I primarily trade off the Nasdaq as I believe technology always leads any market rally and plan on adding another market in the future so you will want to be on this mailing list so you don’t miss out on any trading opportunities.

I’m quite active on twitter (@zentrader) where I post a variety of charts that I feel will help traders understand what is going on in the markets as well as chart setups and trading knowledge/articles I feel are relevant.

I offera premium trade suggestion service, tradewithZEN. If my trading style resonates with you and find value in my chart analysis, this is a service you’ll want to be a part of, but know that I’m limiting it to only 100 subscribers and then it’s closed until a spot opens up. There are around 22 spots left and it’s completely twitter based.

Astrology traders launched in September 2011 and I’m proud of what Karen Starich and I have accomplished with that service. Karen is an expert in financial astrology and I provide the insight on the charts from a technical perspective. Financial Astrology is gaining popularity with recent articles in Forbes and Karen believes it’s the new technical analysis.


 Regular Contributors

Karen Starich – market astrologer who uses her unique approach to analyze stock market trends and commodities, including gold and silver. Karen and I have a premium service that blends astrology and technical analysis to identify highly profitable trades.

Chris Ebert – specializes in options trading after leaving his life as an engineer and real estate. Chris co-authored the option trading book Show Me Your Options – The Guide to Complete Confidence for Every Stock and Options Trader Seeking Consistent, Predictable Returns. Chris and Gavin from Options Trading IQ will have a unique options service out in the coming months. Watch for it!

Poly –  founder of The Financial Tap, a membership site dedicated to helping traders and investors navigate the markets while increasing their expertise and understanding. Bob has over 20 years of experience in trading the markets, is a life-long student of economics, and has an abiding passion for the financial markets. Much of his investment philosophy is top-down in nature, beginning with a global and macro outlook which is used to create a framework that drives his intermediate investments.



Jeff Pierce

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