By Nick Jones

Teambuilding events are a sure way to improve the performance and productivity of your employees. They are also good at boosting the morale of the team, which is good for the whole company. After a successful event, everyone is riding high on the moment and it shows on your staff members' faces as well as in the quality of their work.

The problem is that the momentum is only there for a short time before it fades away in time. If you are wondering how you can sustain the good feeling and motivation that your staff members have, then you can do so with simple inspirational messages. The messages will build on to the lessons of the team building exercises and continue inspiring, encouraging and even enlightening your team members.

Daily motivational quotes provide a quick way that you can continue motivating your team after a successful motivating event. For effective use of the quotations, it is good to consider many things. First, get it from the right source. Best sources will help have relevant messages and not random quotes. Secondly, consider the quality of the quote. It should reflect what you want to change. The message should trigger an overall change. It should not be personal and aimed at just one person.

The beautiful thing about these messages as simple or short as they isthat they work in such a huge way. Here are the reasons why inspirational quotes for business are a great solution for workplace motivation.

? They are easy to pass around

You will always find a way to pass on the quotes without forcing them down your employees' throat. You can always find creative ways to bring the message to your employees. You can use creative memes that you put in frames around the office. You can even post them on your online communication channels. This way, the message is always out there and constantly visible. Remember the idea is to inspire and not irritate. The choice of passing the message around is therefore important for the message to be effect.

? They are inexpensive

You can get the quotes online free from many websites. Some websites also have the quotes with appropriate graphics. This simply means that even if you have zero creative skills, you can get presentable quotes that will get the attention of your staff members as well as effectively capture their minds. In digital form, you can easily convey them on your online bulletins at no cost. If you are printing them, the cost of doing so is also negligible.

? They have message for the right moment

You get appropriate memes for the right moment. The quotes are simple but they effectively pass on the message. You can add positivity to the workplace, motivate, challenge and even inspire your workers by just a simple quote. The messages trigger deep reflection and therefore are good for effecting change especially when it comes to changing attitudes. You will never lack an appropriate quote to use for any given day.


Nick Jones is a renowned motivational speaker. He works for a business magazine and encourages companies to use daily motivational quotes as an alternative way of increasing productivity.

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